Accounting and Finance Department and it’s sub units.

Mr. Bright Oscar Forkuoh

Phone Number: 0244026482

Vision: Financial excellence for a promising future of the facility.


Mission Statement: In a spirit of excellence, integrity and dedication, the finance department is committed to providing timely, accurate, clear and complete information and support to other departments, management and the board of the facility.

Objectives / Duties: 

  • To  ensure stong and  effective internal controls
  • To mobilize revenue for the smooth running of the facility
  • To ensure quality for money

Services: All services related to finance.

Team / Units:

  • Revenue Unit – Enoch Nuamah
  • NHIS / Claims Unit: – Williams Mensah
  • Main Accounts: – Hilda Oppong Ntiamoah


In collaboration with Akosoft Systems the facility has now gone folder-less. this has made revenue collections very easy as well as the the preparation of monthly NHIS claims submission. the use of Sunplus System also has help in the timely preparation and generation of all forms of financial information needed for decision making.


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