Department of Pharmacy and its sub-units

Pharm Peter Kwasi Bekoe (BSc, MPSGH)

Vision: To become the pivot of care in providing client focus pharmaceutical care

Mission Statement: Promote the core values of the hospital and sustain the role of the pharmacy as a team player

Duties/ Objectives/ Functions: -Provide pharmaceutical core plan for patients

-provide services for PLHIV (people living with HIV)

-provide counseling service to cliants especially those with chronic disease

– manage pharmacy…

– monitor and evaluate prescribing and dispensing indicators


-Build capacity and training got staff

-provide drug information services

Dispensary(main) : Mrs Gifty Osei Agyemang(pharm tech)

Preparation : pharm Peter Kwasi Bekoe (BSe MPSGH)

Stores : pharm Peter Kwasi Bekoe (BSe MPSGH)

Counselling / HTC : pharm Peter Kwasi Bekoe (BSe MPSGH)

Dispensary(Eye) : Mr Benard Asante Duodu (pharm tech)

Other Info / Details

-introduced ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) services in the hospital

-started the hospital own production unit

-started the hospital eye dispensary


To become hospital of client’s choice by providing holistic healing to homes and hearts with hope for heaven.

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